The Social Changing World

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Twitter Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: January 25, 2013
There is a silent revolution that sweeps across the globe. This revolution is not what we usually hear and see just like the mass uprising, a large turbulence or a great chaos which aims to pursue their own goals of making a change, where blood counts and people hurt. This silent revolution reflects the initiative of every human being and their freedom of expressing their own thoughts, ideas, and perspective. As we notice today, our world seems to offer everything for the people but is still limited. This is a phenomenon that signals the start of a new generation and will continuously occur when people value the right and responsibility of writing and speaking.

Because we are in a changing world, we undergo the “advent of convergence”, showing that modernization almost ruled our lives. I remember when I learned how to open a computer and start teaching myself on how to use different soft wares found inside it. I had said that “WHOA! This is really great! It is very high-tech”, that means, that my first experience teases me to have another second, third and more until it gave me what I want to. There came a time too when I already found out that oh! We have this kind of soft ware that links everyone anywhere in the world, it is the “web”. Different social networking sites have been introduced to me like friendster, facebook, multiply, twitter and many more. I have my accounts on the following social sites but unfortunately, I wasn’t addicted on using them. Why fortunate? Fortunate enough because I was warned by some concerned people around me how these networking sites ruin the way of living by many. Although, the main good reason why social sites were invented is to help us communicate with familiar faces and those we haven’t known yet. They served as the ones which triggers cybercrime, pornography, unwanted materials to the public and sometimes may give wrong information. Among students like us, we find browsing the social networking sites exciting, relaxing...
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