The Snow Queen

Topics: Hans Christian Andersen, Woman, Girl Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: September 28, 2008
The Snow Queen
Plot of the story
Long time ago, a magic mirror was made and had the power to distort the appearance of things. In the mirror’s reflection, all the good and beautiful aspects of people and things are replaced by the bad and ugly aspects. Afterward the mirror cracked into several pieces of fragment, fell into people's eyes and made the heart all not pleasing and heartlessly. Young boy Kay and little girl Gerda are very good friends. One day, while Kay stretched out the window, a piece of mirror fragment went into his eyes. From that time on, he has changed unexpectedly. He has no longer played with Gerda. Winter came. One day while Kay skiied alone, he was taken away by the Snow Queen. Townspeople thought Kay has been drowned in the river nearby, but Gerda, who is heartbroken at Kay's disappearance, went out to look for him. She launched her unknown journeys. On the way, she ran into a sorceress, prince and princess, and a female robber. Fortunately, Gerda went through plenty of barriers then arrived the Snow Queen’s palace. Gerda found Kay engaged in the task that the Snow Queen gave him to use pieces of ice to form characters and words. If he could not form the word "eternity", he would not be released. Gerda ran up to him and teared on him. Gerda’s tears melted Kay’s heart and also broke the witchcraft of the Snow Queen. Finally, Kay was saved, became energetic and cheerful as before, by the power of Gerda's friendship and love. Symbol of “good”

The Snow Queen is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in 1845. It is said that the story centers on the struggle between good and evil. Take a focus on the female leading character, Gerda. She was a symbol of “good”, compared with Kay, a symbolic of “evil”, whose mind was polluted by the outside world. Gerda was a young little girl with powerful love. In order to save her cherish friend, Kay, she was not afraid of difficulties and obstacles at all even though there...
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