The Snake Attack

Topics: Snake, Kill, Reptile Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: May 3, 2013
It was the year 1983, when I was young, I was terrified of snakes, and I was forced to go to a wedding where snakes passed around. When I was supposed to give one of the snakes to my father, I hesitated, giving the snake, enough time to bite my father’s artery .He died in a matter of minutes. Twenty years later, I was still scared of snakes, while my elder brother teased me about it. Thinking that he was to help me to get over from phobia, my brother went to a Native American snake proprietor, called Hawk, who then told about a tiny snake living inside a jar, on his table .That snake was named unteka, an ancient snake that grows at a massive rate, and had killed many of the Hawks tribe. They were able to kill all, but the one in the jar, was one that had escaped from them. Keeping this snake has three rules: ‘‘never let it out of the jar’’, ‘‘never give any kind of food to it’ ’and ‘‘never fear the heart of snake’ ’and told to my brother that he can’t have that snake, but he stole it by leaving some amount of money. Then at home when I took it, it fell and accidently broke and snake jumped out, then I saw it was the double of its original size, but my brother didn’t believe me. That night, while my brother was sleeping; the snake escaped and ate my pet cat, and being grown five times bigger than its original size it was before, it sneaked into the hens coop, killing all but when one was left , hearing all noise of hens shouting my mother went out to check without knowing that she was going to face the same brother became scared that the legend’s true, and asked some snake killers how to stop it, they said that if the snakehasn’t yet reached the full size, you could kill it by stabbing it in the head. Any how the snake come in looking very huge in ten times larger than its original size and had killed my brother and had swallowed him and ate my pet dogs flesh and had left the bones for my tears to drop on it. I returned home, after partying all night,...
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