Mgs 2 Dog Tags

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Start a new game and defeat olga and take her dog tags:

* Animal Control
* Lights Out

Load save 00

* Bye Bye Big Brother
* Down in Smoke
* Hurt Locker
* Don't Taze Me, Bro
* Nothing Personal
* Rent Money
* Kissing Booth
* Silence is Golden
* Steamed
* Snake Beater
* Steel Grip

Check description of each trophy on how to get them

Load save 01

* Sexting
* Yorkie
* Poodle
* Spaghetti Cinema
* Who Ya Gonna Call?

check description for: Who Ya Gonna Call? and Sexting, the others just finish this part of the game. 

Load save 02


in this save you have to play the whole game, PLANT PART ONLY you can play on easy with stealth camo. finish the game to get all the story trophies.  make sure you collect all 5 boxes to get the related trophy.

Load save 03

* Complete Stealth
* A Cut Above
* Another snake bites the dust

if you comes from save two, quit the game when you are facing solidus and start this save.

Load save 04

* Photo Finish

grab the box in this area and use it in the conveyor, it will take you to another area unequip the box and the camera is around here

Load save 05 (easy) 

* Beagle

kill solidus finish the game to get it

Load save 06 (normal) 

* Shiba Inu

finish the game (again)

Load save 07 (hard) 

* St. Bernard

and again finish the game 

Load save 08 (extreme) 

* Great Dane

do i need to say this again......

Load save 
BLUS30847_MGS2000S000 snake
this is snake tales completed just enter and exit. easy.

* Tell Me a Tale

Load save BLUS30847_MGS2000V000 virtual
Go into mission mode and do 1 mission 

* Virtually Impossible
* In It to Win It
* Piece of Cake


* Johnny on the Spot


load this save, and hear emma with the mic... just like this video.


Remaining trophies check the...
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