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Learn how to create laser graffiti

This week, I met with the gentlemen of Graffiti Research Lab Vienna, aka, GRLv, and they were kind enough to break it on down and show me how to set up a laptop, camera, projector, and laser to be a nondestructive and awesome graffiti tool.

The following is copied directly and without edits from the README file as found in the Laser Marker zipfile that you can find in the sidebar at

Laser Marker // Graffiti Research Lab Vienna
======================== ====== ======================
======================== ==
Index -----------------------------------------------------------------------* Requirements * Setup
* Credits & Thanks
* Contact & Questions
* License
Requirements ----------------------------------------------------------------* Projector - more lumens -> bigger projections * Mac OS X based Laptop, Windows compatible version will follow very shortly

(Hello Make Podcast viewers! Please give a week :))
* Builtin iSight is minimum, drawing generally works better with a DV/Firewire
* Depending on the surface and distance, 30mW++ laser
* Latest version of Processing (
* JMyron (
(For Mac's with an Intel processor download the following: Setup -----------------------------------------------------------------------* If you're on a Mac with an internal iSight, but want to use an external

camera, temporarily move
/System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeUSBVDCDigitizer.component to
for example your Desktop for the time of use.
* Point projector at a preferably big and publicly visible wall * Adjust camera to see the area that's being projected at

* Set your resolution to 1024x768
* Start the software using Processing's presentation mode (this will run it
* Calibrate drawing area by pressing 'r'
** Use the laser to point at the white spot...
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