Police Technology

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Police Technology
CJA 214
October 9, 2010

Police Technology
Police officers use a wide range of technology to protect individuals. Technology also makes it easier to identify the perpetrators of the crime committed. With modern day technology law enforcement can ensure a successful prosecution against those who break the law. Catching criminals is not easy work and if technology is helping law enforcement and the community more efficient and aware of the dangers in the city, town, or world why become upset about the technology officers have. If people would take the time to understand the devices used by officer’s maybe they would not feel so threatened by the officer and their equipment.

Most police forces try to obtain the latest technology, from updated or new weapons, vehicles, body armor, and ways to communicate. In today’s society law enforcement vehicles are equipped with a computer, are designed to go faster than most vehicles on the road. The car also has the latest emergency medical equipment, and extra firepower for extreme situations. The taser is a good example of an updated weapon police officers use and relies on from day to day. The bright yellow gun shaped taser sends an electroshock to immobilize a suspect or someone resisting arrest. The electrical current momentarily disrupts control of the muscles (How does technology help the police, 2009). The gun fires two small darts electrodes which, stays connected to the gun by conductive wire. The electrodes are pointed to pierce clothing and hurtful to stay in the skin (How does technology help the police, 2009).

Law enforcements fingerprinting and DNA database is very advanced and probably will continue to become more accurate over time. When someone commits a crime and gets caught an officer will have them booked and fingerprinted. Depending on the crime law enforcement may even have their DNA. In the United Kingdom the DNA database stores over 3.4 million DNA profiles (How...
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