The Skeletal Muscle Length-Tension Relationship

Topics: Myosin, Muscle, Actin Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: February 4, 2013
ACTIVITY 6: The Skeletal Muscle Length-Tension Relationship

33. In a force-length graph,
a. the muscle length is the independent variable.
b. the amount of force generated is the dependent variable. c. both active and passive forces must be considered.
d. All the above are correct. correct answer

34. According to your lab manual, the protein titin is the primary cause of _________ __________. Passive Force

35. In this lab simulation, the muscle length of _______ mm was able to generate the largest active force. 75mm – Active force of 1.82

36. The force that results from muscles being stretched is called a. active force.
b. passive force. correct anwer
c. maximal tetanic force.
d. stretch force.

37. What happens to the amount of total force that the muscle generates during the stimulated twitch? Total force is altered by the starting resting length. My prediction was correct in that it would change either way, with either lengthening the muscle or shortening it, both methods changed the total force generated by the muscle. If the muscle is lengthened the passive force increases, and if the muscle is shortened the active force increases. With each force (a&p) the total force is changed depending on the amount of either A or P forces.

38. Based on the unique arrangement of myosin and actin in skeletal muscle sarcomeres, explain why active force varies with changes in the muscle's resting length. Active force is generated from myosin thick filaments bind to thin actin filaments, engaging the cross bridge cycle and ATP hydrolysis. Active force data changes as the resting length of the muscle changes. When the resting length of the muscle is shortened, the active force amount increases. When the resting length of the muscle is lengthened, the active force amount decreases. The change in the active force amount is completely caused by the amount of myosis bound to actin. The shorter the...
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