The Silk Road and the Internet

Topics: Silk Road, Marco Polo, Trade Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Silk Road and the Internet
Inside every working anarchy there's an Old Boy Network. The internet is a great and popular invention that has changed, developed and improved today’s society. Yo-Yo Ma, once described the famous historical Silk Road as the ‘Internet of Antiquity’ meaning, the ancient internet, how and why would Yo-Yo Ma come to such a theory, the Silk Road and the internet may not have existed during the same period of time but there are similarities and difference to prove Yo-Yo Ma’s theory. Firstly, the Silk Road was a great way of connecting people and culture. During the Silk Road period people (traders) met at oases, bazaars, caravanserai, and courts where the art of sharing and exchanging occurred as people traded the finest goods produced by their native artisans, created and learnt new things such as instruments, songs, clothing, food, and philosophies, shared and exchanged their goods and ideas. They also shared types of dance, music, instruments, food, and clothing. Religion, Language and food were perhaps the parts of culture that spread the most in the Silk Road. The internet is quite similar to the Silk Road in the sense of connecting people in cultures, religion and language, through the internet one search about different cultures, nations, religions, and languages. People can also meet and communicate with each other through the various social networks. Although the internet and the Silk Road seem to have similarities in ways of connecting people and cultures, differences do exist. In the Silk Road era, for people to connect and communicate they had to travel for miles and days in caravan through the dessert. Today, communicating with someone through the internet takes a short time and people use various social networks such as: Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Twitter and so on in the comfort of their homes or offices. Secondly, the Silk Road was a great way of sharing scientific ideas and information, for example, when Ibn Batuta...
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