The Selfish Giant

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Man Jadda Wajada
Paper Analysis of The Selfish Giant

The Major Character’s Analysis of the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

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Chapter I
1.1 Background of the Study
Literature is a work of art which is used language as its media. Literature always has relationship with our daily life. One of literary study is about our problems or directly or indirectly, people need art as spiritual cure when they are under pressure, depression, and others. Prose is a literary work distinguished from poetry especially by its greater irregularity and variety of rhythm and it is closer to the correspondence to the pattern of daily conversation. According to William Bascom, prose is an appropriate terms for the widespread and important category of verbal arts which includes myths, legends, and folktales. These three form are related each other in that they are narrative in prose, and this fact distinguishes them from proverbs, riddles, ballads, poems, tongue-twisters, and others forms of verbal art on the basis of strictly formal characteristic. The prose is shorter and less complex than the novel. It is not bound by the structure and metrical restrictions of plays and poetry. The Selfish Giant is one of the short stories written by Oscar Wilde. The short story tells about someone who was very selfish, so he forbidden the poor children played in his beautiful garden. Being selfish person, he got a lesson that made him to be kind person. The lesson was his garden was not arrived by other weathers except winter. This was made him realize that he had been a selfish person and begun to be kind person. He also opened his garden anymore in order to be playing place of the children. In the case above, we cannot separate between literature and the role of psychological because prose as the one of literary works is also written based on human psychology. The correlation of both of them is very important because here psychology is to determine the character of person. Psychology is the science of learning and investigates about behaviour and also the human activities as the reflection of human being. Psychology is needed to the characterization in the novel and his existence is not only related with the author activities (Sukada, 1987: 132). The purpose of this work is to analyse psychological aspects of the major character in ‘The Selfish Giant, a short story written by Oscar Wilde’, because this story consist of problems that related with psychology by major character. The attraction of Sigmund Freud theory (1856-1939) to certain writers is easily explained as used his theory about the structure of personality; Id (Das Es), Ego (Das Ich), and Superego (Das Ueber Ich). 1.2 Problem of the Study

a. What is the major character’s analysis of The Selfish Giant based on Sigmund Freud theories? 1.3 Objectives of the Study
a. To find the major character’s analysis of The Selfish Giant based on Sigmund Freud theories. 1.4 Scope and Limitation
Considering to the time and researcher’s knowledge, the researcher focus her research on analysing the personality changing on major character in Oscar Wilder’s short story, The Selfish Giant. The writer focuses this study on analysing the personalities of the major character of The Selfish Giant, Giant. 1.5 Definition of Key Terms

1. Personality: a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It embraces moods, attitudes, and opinion and is the most clearly expressed in interactions with other people. It includes behavioural characteristics, both inherent and acquired that distinguish in person from another. 2. Major character: the most important person who...
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