The Security Plan

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The Security Plan
April Woolsey
William Whitlach

The purpose of this document is to show the security plan and layout of the Sappers Credit Union. The purpose of the credit union is to promote thrift and provide credit to members. The primary purpose in ensuring their goal of service is to encourage members to save money as well as offer loans to members. Sappers Credit Union serves several functions. They provide financial support to members through means of issuing and keeping their funds. Preparing and granting all types of loans. Provide excellent and professional customer service for all clients. Sappers Credit Union is a fairly new bank and has undergone intense security and risk assessment inspections. The results from the inspections have found some good and bad points of interest that will need to be fixed, and adjusted. I have listed some of the threats:

| Probability| Criticality| Total| |
Armed robbery| 10| 10| 20| Conduct intense monthly bank robbery training with all employees. Install silent alarms and have them tested weekly to ensure that they not only work, but also connects to the local police department. Ensure there are enough security guards as well as law enforcement officers on duty at all times. Install security cameras all around the bank, both inside and out. Place security guards near the teller counters, on the outside of the vault, and if affordable, outside of the bank. | Bomb threat| 8| 8| 16| Work with local law enforcement authorities as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation crime unit within the area to determine protocols for evaluating bomb threats and procedures for evacuations. Develop procedures for actual evacuations. Set up safety and response teams to help the evacuation and the response process run as soon as smooth and safe as possible.| Computer system info theft(hackers)| 10| 10| 20| Hire an information technical support team. Ensure that each member is issued and awarded a security clearance. Activate a firewall, and keep track of system events. Monitor and block all unnecessary programs on computers. Brief and conduct training for all employees on cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and have them sign course completion form. This training should be held semi-annually. | Internal threats from employees i.e. theft, breach of personal info| 10| 9| 19| Research each employee’s background thoroughly before hiring them. Conduct team building and morale activities monthly for all employees and levels. Monitor each employee’s computer usage and make sure that all activities are monitored carefully. Have all employees’ sign a employee rules and conduct form, conflict of interest form and ensure they understand. In the event of any possible mental breakdowns, have a doctor or hotline geared towards work place issues readily available.| Angry customers| 8| 6| 14| Conduct proper customer service training with all employees so they will be able to handle all possible types of customers and their situations. Place security guards near the teller counters. Make sure the security guards are properly trained and are knowledgeable on how to handle and detain an angry customer. | Electrical system crash| | | | Have reliable electricians conduct safety inspections bi-weekly. Make sure that a record is kept of each inspection and the information on the electrician that conducted the inspection. Create an emergency response plan in the event of a system crash, such as alerting local authorities, the fire department, computer file backup, systems checks, checking the backup generator, and check the entrance and exit doors to allow the employees and customers a way out. |

There are certain countermeasures to take under consideration as well, when dealing with these types of threats and risks. Physical security requires constant work and change in order to allow the employees and...
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