The Security Plan

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The Security Plan
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Planning ahead in anything is always a good idea. It keeps things on track and makes things run more smoothly. It can sometimes guarantee that things will go as planned. That is not always the case when it comes to security. At any moment anything can go wrong in the blink of an eye. That is why security professionals have to always be ready for anything at any time. The floor plan of my targeted environment is a bank. It is a pretty basic setup. There are two security cameras and a security guard on duty. I think that the placement of the cameras is a good benefit to the security plan. They are facing the front door so they record everybody that comes through those doors. Knowing that a security guard is on duty should be enough of a deterrent, but for people who have intentions of robbing a bank, I guess that just does not matter. The tellers can also play a role if a robbery or something did take place. They have buttons by their money drawers that they can press to alert the police if need be. In a matter of minutes the police should arrive and have everything under control hopefully. I think that all banks that are being built now are being done so with security as the number one objective. Keeping the people and their money safe is a good formula to follow. There are a number of threats that come into play where a bank is concerned. The first and probably the most common is robbery. Bank robberies take place all the time all over the country. Lately almost every time I tune into the local news there has been a bank robbery somewhere and the police are always looking for the suspect. I guess the economy is the reason why people are robbing banks so much. Another threat would be a hostage situation. Right now things are so crazy that you just do not know what to expect from people. Someone could come in and just take over the place and it does not always have to be about the money. It could be a number of things that make people do stupid things. Or maybe it could be a situation where it began as a robbery but quickly turns into a hostage situation. Maybe the police got there quicker than they thought they would. The last threat would be a bombing. The robbers may try to bomb the money vault open. That could lead to something totally different from what it started out as. Now you have the possibility of having people hurt; not just the people who work there but the people who where to do business also. Even people who may have been just walking or riding may even be hurt in this. When situations like that happen, no one can say what the outcome may be because we just never know. Having risk assessments for each possible threat is the best way to prepare for the unknown. Having a strategy to follow for things like this is a good idea. For the threat of a robbery I always think that having something visually like a security guard to deter the criminal is the best way to go about it. Most likely if a person knows that a particular bank always has a least one security guard on hand at all times, and then they are not likely to rob that one. In other words they will think twice about it. I also think that there should be signs up that say wearing hats and sunglasses inside are prohibited. That way if somebody does come in with that on after they read the sign, the staff will automatically know that something may be wrong. Security cameras are also a good way to help aid in the problem. If a robbery does take place having security cameras that work is a good way to give a description to the public. Now people can get a good look at the suspect and be able identify him or her if they are seen out. There is not much that can done for the...
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