Information Security Policy

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Information Security Policies are a very important part of a company’s protection; these policies are put in place to protect the company and well as the clients. It is important to maintain a constant watch over all security departments daily to ensure that everything is in working order. The policy below is a great way to keep track of the steps needed to protect your company and clients. Romana Aftab

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Alfred Beals Jr
Information Security Policy

* Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary1
3.Disaster Recovery Plan1
3.1.Key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan1
3.2.Disaster Recovery Test Plan1
4.Physical Security Policy1
4.1.Security of the facilities1
4.1.1.Physical entry controls1
4.1.2.Security offices, rooms and facilities1
4.1.3.Isolated delivery and loading areas2
4.2.Security of the information systems2
4.2.1.Workplace protection2
4.2.2.Unused ports and cabling2
4.2.3.Network/server equipment2
4.2.4.Equipment maintenance2
4.2.5.Security of laptops/roaming equipment2
5.Access Control Policy2
6.Network Security Policy3

Executive Summary:
The Bloom Design Group will take the most extreme measures to protect the integrity of our clients and their information. We believe in the fact that the customer is our main goal and take full responsibility of your wants and needs. The Bloom Design Group is the choice that you should make if you want the best and quality protection, while receiving on time and professional work for your money.

Our company is equipped with the most top of the line anti-theft monitoring system that is a step above the rest. We have a disaster recovery plan that is monitored and updated on a daily basis or as needed for each client. This plan consist of walk-through of mock problems that could happen on any given day, it also has simulations, checklist, parallel testing, and full interruption. Our risk assessment plan is one of the best in the nation; we look at any and every aspect of a potential problem; internal, external, and environmental risk.

The protection that we offer is not limited to just one source; we go above and beyond every situation to protect our customer. We look into unused ports and cabling, network/server equipment, our own equipment maintenance, and security of laptops and other roaming equipment. A person can never be too sure as to how much protection they may need, so we at The Bloom Design Group take it upon ourselves to provide the most adequate protection for you the client and your business.

We here at The Bloom Design Group want and appreciate your business, we want to give you the best protection possible. The work that we do will prove that we are the best choice to make when it comes to a design company. We look forward to serving you and your company in the future and if you may have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time. Introduction:

Company Overview:
The Bloom Design Group is an up and coming interior design services that offers multi-design themes for clients around the world. The corporate office which is based in New York and handles most of the larger more important clients and a Los Angeles based office which more overseas clients. Our clients are the most important thing to our business and we want to ensure that we protect each and every bit of information that pertains to the client and what they want for their business. Employees use secure login and a password to gain access to the site in order protect information for clients. Security Policy Overview:

Issue-specific would be the most appropriate because the employees of Bloom Design Group focuses on the design and protection of different virtual decoration tools, designs and schemes. As an employee we keep our focus on the issue at hand; that is why issue-specific would be the best...
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