The Secret of the Sewer

Topics: Les Misérables, Jean Valjean, Marius Pontmercy Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The Secret of the Sewer
One of the works favorite novels of all time is Les Miserable written by Victor Hugo. Les Miserable is filled with secrets and mysteries. Every page you turn, Victor Hugo throws a plot change at the reader. When Marius falls in the barricade the reader would never expect Jean Valjean to leap out into the smoke clouds to save Marius life. If Marius would have never found out that Jean Valjean saved his life by dragging him through a sewer, Cosette would have never know that her “father” was dying and the story would have taken a tragic twist. While reading the remarkable novel of Les Miserable the reader asks themselves why did Jean Valjean save Marius’s life? And why would he keep it a secret? There are many different reasons why Jean Valjean didn’t inform Marius about what he did, but ultimately the reader can conclude that Jean Valjean wanted Marius and Cosette to be happy together, and not have them live every second of their lives trying to repay him for his courageous act that he performed. There are many other possibilities why Jean Valjean did what he did, for example, the reader could think that Jean Valjean wanted to repay all the people who have ever helped him by help someone else. Jean Valjean also could have saved Marius for the Bishop, to show him that he has changed and that he has kept his promise to always do the right thing. Jean Valjean keeping his secret about saving Marius life affected the plot of the novel in several different ways. The reader feels sympathy for Jean Valjean when he tells Marius his story of being a convict, because Marius becomes very cold towards Jean Valjean and changed his view of Jean Valjean in a blink of an eye. These actions also changes how the reader views Marius because he was very unkind to Jean Valjean during their conversation. The reader wonders about how Marius would act if he knew Jean Valjean saved his life; he would have acted in a completely different way, and might have been...
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