The Rookie

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  • Published : April 16, 2003
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The film Rookie is a factual drama that is based on the life of Jimmy Morris, an ex-major league baseball player. The subject matter of the movie was to never quit; try, try again or at least until you reach your goal. This film inspires the person to fulfill their dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.

There were not many major characters in this movie, but all played an important roll to the subject matter. Jimmy Morris was the main character, a young man, about 30 years old with a wife, three children, and a career as a chemistry high school teacher and baseball coach. His high school baseball team was the inspiration to him helping to achieve his goal of wanting to be a major league baseball player. Lori Morris, Jimmy's wife, Hunter was his only young son who adored his father, and two young daughters Jessica, and Jamie. Jimmy's father who was a military man played a minor part in the movie but, was the reason for a major controversy in the main character's life.

The audience had a big part in the participative experience area. Since Jimmy plays a high school teacher, father, son, husband, and coach, the character is able to relate to all kind of people. Jimmy is just like everyone else in everyday life; struggling to make ends meet, loves baseball like any red blooded American, and loves his family. He relates to everyone because, everyone has either had or has been a teacher, father, son, wife, daughters, or a coach, do this makes it easier for the audience to feel like it is in the character's shoes. In this movie the audience can escape and be at one with the character Jimmy Morris.

The overall structure of the film was in chronological order. The film began with a legend of some nuns in 1923 who began the interest in baseball in a small town, Big Lake, Texas (this was to be the home of the main character later on in his life). Then the film switched to Jimmy Morris' life by showing excerpts from his childhood. Then it...
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