The Role of Metaphor in Counseling

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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What is the role of metaphor in the development of an autonomous client? I've been recently reading about the importance of language in Epistemology. Particularly Wittgenstein and his ideas of language and it's role in our shaping of the world. SLIDE 1: Wittgenstein Thus we turn to the enigmatic realms of Analytic Philosophy, headed up by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1922). His sentence that "We make to ourselves pictures of facts" is the summarization of the view that; "In the picture and the pictured there must be something identical in order that the one can be a picture of the other at all. What the picture must have in common with reality in order to be able to represent it after its manner... is its form of representation" (Tractitus..) The example he uses to portray this is model cars used in a court case. Although not real cars in a real environment, they, like language, can be used to portray all of the logical circumstances that a real car accident might have; near miss, collision, traffic jam e.t.c. Things have a certain relation to one another in reality, likewise in a photograph, the parts that constitute the picture have a certain relation to one another, as best to represent the experience that is reality. When applied to the world of anthropology, in particular the fluid realms of the therapeutic dyad, the limits of induction are recognised as we attempt to deal with social systems, complexity, connectedness, changeability and chance (Robson, 2002). To tie down a definition of such metaphysical things as 'feeling', 'wishing' or 'thinking', we have no external reference, no toy cars to represent our schemas, no pictures to represent that reality. These words fall outside of what Wittgenstein thought possible to speak of; “whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”, a phrase he coined in attempt to abolish the metaphysics of philosophy. “If... you wish to give a definition of wishing, i.e, to draw a sharp boundary, then you are...
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