The Role of Health and Safety Officer

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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Many organisations will recruit a Health and Safety Officer to oversee the company's obligations and procedures regarding the safety of its employees. Health and safety is a top priority for many businesses. The law dictates that every organisation should provide every employee with a safe working environment, and if they are found to be negligent, they stand to suffer considerable damage to their reputation and finances. The Role of a Health and Safety Officer

The health and safety officer acts as an adviser to management on the latest legal obligations, ensuring the standard of safety is up to the latest regulatory standards. The officer also imparts advice to others through training and discussion, as well as creating company policies that deals with health and safety, such as evacuation procedures. A health and safety officer also regulate the safety of the workplace, carrying out regular audits to ensure all hazards are minimized or removed. Another function of a health and safety officer is to investigate any accidents and incidents, identifying why the issue arose and taking steps to ensure it does not arise again. There are a number of possible consequences to not having a health and safety officer. If an employee suffers injury or distress as a direct result of the workplace, the company may be found negligent. This would result in extensive damage to the company's reputation, as well as possibly leading to compensation claims and/or massive fines, which can be crippling for many organisation or small businesses. The Importance of a Health and Safety Officer

Appointing a health and safety officer is important in an organisation in two ways. First, it gives employee and their employers’ peace of mind in knowing that their health and safety requirements are being met; that is, employees are being trained in how to avoid risks, and the workplace is a safe environment....
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