The Role of Engineer in Nation Building

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Hritwick Banerjee
Why should a privileged person help an underprivileged person? As the definition suggests that the privileged person is someone who is having the special rights, advantages or immunities or having the rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure. On the other hand the unprivileged person is someone who is not enjoying the same standard of living or rights as the majority of the people in the society. So in a socio economic point of view the presence of both the class cannot be ignored but with proper ratio. A society can’t only have one of the two to improve or else we can say the wheel of the society can’t be moved freely without the presence of the two but of course there should be a proper balance between these two. The law of the nature says that the stream flows from the top to bottom likewise the privileged person should come and hold the hand of the underprivileged person to move the society in a proper pace. Now it’s the time to think of the human values and morality of a human being if he/she is gifted with some advantages or right then it’s the duty of them to come and help the people who are deprived of. On the other hand the underprivileged person should be thankful and have sense of gratitude for the person whom he/she is grateful in any sense be it money, values or spiritualism. Even Mahatma Gandhi told this in another aspect such as: I want to write many new things but they all must be written on Indian state. I would gladly borrow from the west when I can return the amount with decent interest. So borrowing things from others is not a crime but one should not forget about to return with something greater to the person whom he/she is grateful to. This is a cycle of civilization and one can’t break the chain. The society is mixed with people and cultures, one should be aware of the fact that everybody is equally important and they should help each other to form a warm and healthy atmosphere to live...
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