Diversity Assignment

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  • Published : January 14, 2012
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Diversity Assignment
As the United States enters its third century as nation, its representation diversifies. The country, more specifically, its workplaces, is comprised with peoples of varying cultures, races, and religions. These differences can potentially lead to misunderstanding and conflict instigated by intolerance and ignorance of said differences. Therefore, it is imperative for professionals and managers to have an awareness and appreciation for others whose background, beliefs, and values differ from their own. Comprehension about one another is necessary to work together efficiently and effectively for various reasons. To achieve the best outcome, managers and professionals must create an environment where differences are appreciated and valued; creating an atmosphere precipitated by mutuality of benefit and respect of these differences.

Differences between societal members may afford some certain privileges while denying others the same privileges. Many people in society are unaware of their privileges, and thus strive in some areas without cognizance of aid. For example, being a citizen of the United States is a privilege because it provides a multitude of socioeconomic advantages. According to Jones (2003), understanding privileges requires the identification of ways a socially constructed organization gives preference to certain groups while simultaneously disadvantaging other groups.

I saw with my own eyes, how human nature tends to overlook advantages and benefits that we never considered. While completing the Lefties for a day assignment, I realized being right handed was a privilege I had not realized. The world seems like it was made for right handed people; for example, in schools today there are very few left-handed desks and the mouse for the computer is set on the right side. Not only did I neglect to consider these advantages, I never realized how many tasks my husband (a left handed person) must do as a “righty.” He cuts...
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