The Right or Wrong Decision of Abortion

Topics: Human rights, Abortion, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: May 8, 2013
The Right or Wrong Decision of Abortion
Abortion in society seems to becoming a growing issue in many of the lives of humans today. They form extreme groups that seem can only be rivaled by those of religious extremists and politics. Though just like many other aspects of people’s lives neither group can see the wrong that goes with their decision. The abortion extremists divide into two groups Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. The former may be a bit more extreme in expressing then the latter but it seems like what both groups seem to be missing is the understanding of the necessity of each other’s values.

“Pro-Life”. There seems to be an eerie persona when you think about the Pro-Life’s base values on abortion. A lot of that blame can be directed bat themselves simply because that’s how they decide to express their opinions on the said topic. They don’t really seem to have a lot of belief in any type of abortion no matter the circumstance. I understand the fact that taking the life of a innocent live is wrong but the use of graphic images and misleading reading of scriptures to persuade people is wrong. “I cannot condone their flagrant misuse of scriptures and unforgiving spirit” (Theology Student, Rachel Richardson Smith). Maybe their efforts would not be so disregarded by so many if they went about with a less scary approach.

“Pro-Choice”. Now it’s not that I’m in favor of the Pro-Choice group but their approach is a lot less vulgar and more laid back. They let people come to their cause more than push it on people, but other than some certain circumstances I don’t approve of the taking of a life. It shouldn’t be allowed and is wrong. There are some situations though in which I can see why they should do it. That is why both groups both have good ideas if they can take the good’s from both group and put aside their differences maybe we could get something passed.

I think maybe I will start my own group called “Pro-The right thing to do”. Where a good bit of...
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