Abortion Distortion

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  • Published : October 27, 2013
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Abortion Distortion
People who are for pro choice may say that all types of abortion is wrong because they believe that every fetus should have a chance at life. With that being said, people who believe in Pro Life should also put into perspective. Would they want to live a life in which they had no cognitive, behavioral, or physical control. Personally I can say living a life where I had no capability of functioning without having to be dependent on others wouldn’t be a “walk in the park”. Granted that, Rebecca Ayrey’s fetus had a heart defect and two areas of her brain missing, I agree with Rebecca’s choice of not letting her fetus live a miserable life.

While I stand by Rebecca’s choice of not letting her fetus live a miserable life, there are people that would like to think that her decision is immoral. The people that stand by this are pro life members. The pro life members believe that the fetus is a human being from conception and that means that the author Rebecca Ayrey is murdering her child. Technically this would not be a murder because the fetus is not a human being yet; it cannot live outside the uterus on its own. In addition to the argument of murdering the fetus, pro life members will also say, all babies are special; a baby could have been a political figure or another important person. But I’m here to say that it would have been impossible for miss Ayrey’s baby to live on a life with such great achievements without a fully functional brain to help her.

In addition to Rebecca Ayrey’s moral value, we also need to take into consideration of Rebecca’s rights as a woman. Given that the fetus exists inside a womens body and a women has rights to decide what she can and can't do with their body. I see nothing wrong about Rebecca’s choice. What is more, the right to abortion is vital for gender equality. All in All, people need to put into focus that Rebecca Ayrey is a human being and not just a container for the fetus. We...
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