The Responsibilities of an Nco: Accountability and Fraternization with Subordinate Personnel.

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Officer Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The Responsibilities of an NCO: Accountability and Fraternization with Subordinate Personnel.

Accountability comes in several different forms. First and foremost would be accountability for your own actions. Each Marine is held accountable for their actions and is expected to live up to the reputation and standards of the Marine Corps as directed by our higher ranking officers and staff NCOs. Another form would be that in accountability for your subordinates’ actions. Leaders are expected to be able to care for, train, mentor, and discipline those serving under them. For that reason when subordinates screw up, leaders are held accountable as well for not having prevented the situation. And so continues the domino effect of how each ones actions effect the other. When choices are made , no matter how innocent they may be, there are always consequences to the outcome and in the end someone must pay for them. As an NCO it is our responsibility to be aware of what our junior enlisted are doing at all times and to keep a brotherly watch over them. When the time comes for orders we must be strict and firm. We cannot faulter in our traditions and must not lose sight of our ambitions. We all have a mission to accomplish whether we know it or not and that mission is to take care of each other. The accountability of each and every one of the Marines that fall under our command is that of how we would account for our younger brothers and sisters. If we are to be expected to be trusted upon by them we must show that we are someone who they must strive to be. If we say that they must be at a certain place and time we must be there and be waiting for them. And its to be expected that they are where they need to be when instructed. Communication is key when it comes to giving simple orders of when, where, and why. These things are what keep ther order and balance of our Corps and guard it from falling into chaos.
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