The Reptile Room

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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The Reptile Room

he title of the book I am reading is The Reptile Room. The author is Lemony Snicket. The point of view is first person. The main idea of The Reptile Room is that the Baudelaire parents die in a house fire and the orphans are sent to live with a distant relative named Count Olaf, a terrible and greedy man. The Baudelaire parents had left behind an enormous fortune which will go to Violet, the oldest of the orphans when she turns eighteen. Count Olaf is so obsessed with getting his hands on the money that he does horrible things to get the money and ruin the orphans’ lives forever. The main characters of The Reptile Room are Violet, Klaus, Sunny, Count Olaf, and Mr. Poe. Violet is a smart, determined, fifteen year old girl inventor. Sunny, the youngest of the orphans is also very smart, courageous, and brave. She bites when she knows something or someone is putting them in danger. Mr. Poe is a very nice bank accountant and tries to protect the orphans and their fortune from Count Olaf, his disguises, and his acting crew in any way he can. He is also very brave, strong, and courteous. He is also the transporter to put the children in new hands in the rest of the series of books. Klaus is a smart, intelligent, avid reader fourteen years old boy. He also is very brave, courageous, out-going, and likes to help other people complete their goals. Count Olaf is a filthy and greedy man. He tries to steal the children’s fortune throughout the whole series of books. He is also very sneaky, tricky, and very pitiful. The main types of conflicts are character versus character, character versus self, and character versus society. It is character versus character because the orphans are trying to keep the greedy Count Olaf from taking their fortune that their parents left them. It is character versus character because Count Olaf was being tracked by the police and almost got caught. It is also character versus self because the orphans have to put up with...
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