The Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill: Recognizing the role of Women in Building a Nation

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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The Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill is constitutional, for it is in linewith Section 14, Article II of the 1987 Constitution, which recognizes the role of women innation-building, and shall ensure the fundamental equality of men and women before thelaw;2.The Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill will address the economic slowdown due to overpopulation. The advocates argue further that a managed populationenables the State to allocate resources better since resources shall be commensurate to thenumber of people;3.The Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill promotes the freedom of choice, which is central to the exercise of rights, must be fully guaranteed by the State. Inthe same manner, the limited resources of the country cannot be suffered to be spread sothinly to service a burgeoning multitudemaking allocations grossly adequate andeffectively meaningless (subsections [a] and [l], section 3, HB 04244); and4.The Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill, through its introduction of contraceptive medications and instruments, provides medically safe, accessible, affordable,and effective reproductive healthcare to the citizens.This researchers, with the goal of checking the adherence of students to the adversarial position of the University of Santo Tomas towards the Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill,sees the need to establish core arguments of both sides. It is seen to be important that thesearguments be presented to become a guide in checking for understanding of students, who aresubjects of this study, regarding the issue.

Significance of the Study
The study is a significant endeavor in promoting social awareness, particularly on the issue of Reproductive Health and Population Development. An essential element of an informed decision isawareness, which results to a deeper dissection of an issue to find an objective truth, whichdetermines one’s position.This study shall also be...
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