The Religious Life of Planet Earth

Topics: Religion, God, Morality Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Discuss the criteria you will employ to determine if people on earth are religious-in other words, what does religion look like?

People long to make sense of life; to find the key that will unlocks its mysteries and enable them to understand themselves and their place within the universe. Faced with their own fragility and death, they seek courage and comfort. Longing to develop and create, they seek inspiration. In this human quest for meaning, some take to philosophy, others to the creative arts, and others- in fact the majority of humankind-take to some form of religion. Almost every aspect of life can become the raw material out of which a religious interpretation of life may be built. Each religion presents us with a particular view of life, expressed in its teachings, scriptures, and traditions. But is it necessary to be committed to that religion in order to understand and appreciate what it teaches.

Describe three examples of behaviors or beliefs you observe that meet the criteria you established above.

One example would be for one to experience religion. If there were no religion, there would be no philosophy of religion. If there were no religious experiences there would be no religion. Religion, unlike most philosophy, starts with the interpretation of experience, with trying to make sense of life as a whole, or of particular things that happen. Very few people who call themselves religious spend their days reflecting on the logic of believing in the existence of God or any higher power. What they are actually doing is living with a particular way of seeing things and a particular set of values. The take way of seeing things and a particular set of values. They take part in acts of worship and feel uplifted. They claim to be inspired to have moments of insight. They find that, even when not engaged in specifically religious activities, they see an experience that tend to reinforce their faith-they see a beautiful sunset, or...
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