The Religios of Jesus Christ

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Child and Carlo Crivelli’s Pieta are religious in nature and pertain to the life and death of Jesus Christ. Both works explore different themes on the same subject. Crivelli’s Madonna and Child represents a more human representation as the setting takes place in a room with familiar scenery and objects. The only hint of divine beings is the ever so light haloes around mother and child. Bellini’s Pieta, on the other hand, is encased in other worldly gold cameo of grief after Jesus is removed from the cross. Life, death, and divinity are important themes seen in both of the portraits.

Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Child is a Venetian oil on wood painting done in the late 1480’s and is considered to be one of his more mature works. Bellini was trained in the art of painting by his father but did not develop his own style until after his father’s death.The painting depicts the baby Jesus, sitting in her mother Mary’s lap. Mary seems to stare at you while sitting, supporting the back of her son’s head with her left hand while the right lays lightly on his stomach. She stares intently at you! Are you involved in a conversation? Are you a threat to her and her son? Knowing this is Mary and baby Jesus, and during this time period the Catholic Church was at the center of power, perhaps she is gazing intently at you because you know each other, in fact you are part of the family, part of the Catholic family which certainly was a good bet since it was the predominant set of beliefs at that place and time.

Madonna sits upright holding the Child in a graceful and realistic manner, by his head and stomach. There is a halo over their heads to represent their uniqueness and their status as transcendent beings. I noticed the halo was painted very thin and hardly noticeable. This is to show their serenity and divinity in a subtle way. The child holds a fruit called a quince which is suggested to represent the themes of redemption. Bellini...
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