Quiz on Leonardo da Vinci

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Quiz 4
-Designed the dome of Florence Cathedral-Brunelleschi
-Early Christian pierced with arrows-montagona st sebasstian -False- in Lamentation the angles exhibit cool dignity
-False- Michalegelo was a brilliant painter but saw his self as a painter -False- Renaissance was a period of denying the idea.
-False- The baptistery doors by Andra show scenes from life of Christ( john the Baptist) -Michelangelo-sculptor not painter
-Not high renaissance- el Greco
-Sfumato- haze on Mona Lisa
-The Birth of Venus is considered pagan.
-Traits demonstrated in Renaissance art- observed of natural world and light, rebirth of Greek and roman ideas, and interest in human anatomy and idealized beauty -True- Black death wiped out more than half population of Siena and Florence -True- Leonardo’s last supper has deteration

-True-Bramante plan for St. Peters cross was based on a circle and a square -Vasaris- wrote a collection of biographies of prominent renaissance. -Drawing a man inside a circle and a square derived from the writer-Vitruvius -Raphael’s fresco cycle for the Papal Palace refers to four domains of learning. ---Theology, philosophy, land and –the arts. -True- Michelangelo’s Pieta depicts Mary holding her dead son and also echoes the Madonna and child theme.

Quiz 5
St Teresa
All 4

Quiz 5
-Benjamin- popularized history paintings
-George Stubbs- horses
-West fascinated with Muslim-orientation
-New York has most art in US
-True- art was condemned
-False- Gericault draft celebrated heroism
-True-landscape because it was number 1 painting

Quiz 7
-Realistic- this French movement in art sought to depict the everyday and the ordinary -Salon de Refuse- sanctioned by Louis Napoleon in 1863 offered artists rejected -Daguerreotype was a photographic process that exposed light on either a copper or glass place -Civil War- among the most...
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