The Relevance of Bureau Worth of Smuggled Items of Customs Seizes Php50 Million

Topics: 3rd millennium, Prima facie, 26th century Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The relevance of Bureau worth of smuggled items of Customs seizes Php50 Million. This news is related to Section 2609 and Section 2611 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines that are subjected to the Disposition of Contraband and Treatment of Dangerous Explosives wherefore,contraband items that are seized by the Bureau of Customs shall be disposed of in accordance to law. It shall be subject to further investigation for the purpose of knowing if such contraband items are unfit for use or it would be used for unlawful purposes, said contraband items shall be destroyed consistent with public safety.

The relevance of Bureau of Customs seizes Php2.8Million smuggled onions.This news updated Aug.28,2011 is subjected to the Disposition of Articles liable to Deterioration series of section 2607 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines wherefore, seized of smuggled onions, are considered as perishable goods, it is merely prohibited because such importation of onions did not support any permit from Bureau of Plant and Industry and not possess a valid phytosanitary certificate for which the goods being came from its origin. Such smuggled onions having been not paid of duties and taxes will be sold at public auction by posting of public notice for 3days for which the goods are perishable.

The relevance of Customs seizes Php2M worth of Onions Misdeclared as Juice.This news is subjected to the Undervaluation, Misclassification, and Misdeclaration in Entry and Property Subject to Forfeiture under Tariff and Customs Laws series of Section 2503 and Section 2530 of the TCCP wherefore, misdeclaration of onions as juice will be subjected to seizure and forfeiture, it is clear to know that the importer wanted to less the charged for the goods by using the juice being declared to be the contents of misdeclared package and it was found out that the goods are onions so, the dutiable value of the declared juice will become lower than the value of onions.

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