Global Crimes Analysis Paper

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Global Crimes Analysis Paper
This paper will identify the various major global crimes and criminal issues that affect national and international criminal justice system and processes. In addition, there will be a comparison and contrast of the different criminal justice systems and how they have addressed major global crimes and criminal issues. Global crime is an issue that threatens the safety and security of people all over the world. Global crime can be international drug smuggling operations, human trafficking, or international prostitution rings. Weapons trading are also a problem that exists all over the world. There are always concerns of rogue nations selling nuclear weapons to other nations that do not follow the guidelines of the world community. In the international community, human trafficking has become an issue that is spiraling out of control. The "International Trafficking" (2010) website cites that victims of this crime are usually trafficked both within the countries borders and inside other countries borders. Human trafficking happens in different ways, sex trafficking occurs all over the world, while Burma traffics children to be soldiers. The trafficking crimes are not contained to other countries as Florida has been known to have forced labor practices within the citrus fields. Lucas (2011) addresses the difficulties in securing weapons caches that can be used to sell unconventional weaponry. This is a crime based upon the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty that was approved by all permanent members of the UN Security Council. Drug trafficking has also been a huge problem on the borders of the United States as well as other countries. According to Drug Trafficking (n.d), drug trafficking is a black market production and distribution of psychoactive substances. In some countries around the world drug trafficking does not have a zero tolerance policy against the crime. The reasons behind this may be attributed to the profiteering that occurs as...
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