The Relationship of Typhoons to the Production of White Corns in the Philippines

Topics: Natural environment, Economic growth, Economics Pages: 14 (4453 words) Published: December 18, 2012
For the years: 2002-2012

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Food is essential and basic need to human body. It is of prime importance in the attainment of normal growth and development. The role of nutrition food cannot be neglected in the promotion of health and prevention of disease. All human need enough nutrition to be able to work and to continue their everyday living, thus all of us consume rice. Rice is the only major cereal crop that is primarily consumed by humans directly as harvested; it is also a source of energy for human beings. But today, rice are becoming precious and expensive that is why many Filipino cannot afford to eat rice for at least three time a day which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So the indigent Filipinos are seeking for substitute for rice. And DA (Department of Agriculture) found out that only wheat and corn are produced in comparable quantity. They also found out that the health benefits that an individual can gain in rice are also present in white corn, it is as if the equivalent and most perfect substitute to rice; it is also cheaper and more affordable than rice. But as we heard from news many plants and farm are destroy and affected with the natural calamities. Many crops become useless because of typhoons and floods. Thus, this may also result to a decrease in production of corn.

This study is selected to verify if the natural calamities can affect the production of white con in the entire Philippines. This study was also selected because white corn is one of the most essential and most in demand kind of food in Philippines for it becomes the perfect substituted for rice which the most common food in many Filipinos. It is also selected because of its reliable and available complete data from the internet which is the main source of this study. Objectives of the Study

In general the study aimed to determine how the natural calamity affects the economy of the Philippines, and how economy growth affects the natural environment. Specifically, this study aimed: 1. To determine how effect of typhoons to the production of white corn. 2. To verify and to clear if the number of typhoon occurred per year increases the number of production of white corn decreases. 3.To conclude and to recommend on what would be the result of the study. Significance of the Study

This study will benefit the community and the future researchers. The community will have perfect knowledge about the production of white corn and this as perfect substitute to rice. The community will also realize that white corn also have all the nutrients that rice possesses.

The students and future researchers will also benefit to this study. This study serves the students and future researchers as their reference and guide. It will also help students to have a deeper understanding about the relationship of natural calamities to the production of white corn. The study is also open in development to the study. Background of the study

Factors Affecting Economic Growth:
Economic growth is the increase in the amount of the goods and services produced by economy overtime. It is usually measured as the percent rate of increase in real gross domestic product or real GDP. Economic growth is generally distinguished from development economics which studies the economic aspects of the development process in low-income countries while the economic growth is the study of how countries can advance their economies (Economic Growth, Wikipedia). In an article of the website eHow, Starr stated that the economy is made up of several components, such as wealth, income, interest, employment and productivity. Any of these economic environment components can change and affect the others, whether positively or negatively and some of the factors that would generally affect...
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