The Real Truth Behind Ads

Topics: Woman, English-language films, Magazine Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The Real Truth Behind Ads

We all have looked through a magazine at least once in our lives. Advertising is all around us, everywhere we go and basically everything we see has some type of ad on it. As women, advertising tells us everything we need to know; we need to be perfect, have the best body, best hair and make sure we can look as young as possible for as long as we can. Advertising puts this image of women as being perfect, when in reality we are not. We have flaws and not all of us can look like a Victoria’s Secret model. For this paper, I have chose to focus on ads that are displaying objectification of women of color, silencing women/submissive, and ageism. For the first ad, I chose a sunglasses ad from the company Sunglass Hut that shows a woman wearing sunglasses and reads “you don’t need words to make a statement”, and the reason why I chose this ad is because it reflects the theme of silencing women. The ad basically tells women that they don’t need to talk or even say a word, that the only thing they can make a statement with is if they have their sunglasses on. It wants us to think that when they have these sunglasses on, it’s going to get a guy’s attention without even having to communicate with him. Finding an ad that shows the opposite of silencing women was hard. The closest thing I could find was an article in Cosmopolitan that talked about how there was a new way a guy can control a woman is through test. The ad showed a phone with an angry mask over it. It had a quote right next to it saying, “if I didn’t reply to a text right away, it would cause a huge fight.” The basic theme of the article was to tell warn women of these red flags they can spot in their relationship. The article was very informing and let the readers know that women should not be controlled or silenced by men. It showed that women had the power to leave the man whenever they felt like they were being controlled, silenced, or abused. Secondly, I also chose a...
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