The Raven Research Paper

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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You awake in a dark, damp room. You try to move but your arms are hindered by the leather straps restricting your wrists and ankles from any kind of movement at all. Then, you notice it. The monstrous iron blade dangles above your torso. You notice that you aren't alone in this room. There is someone else. You wish you could turn your head to look at the person but can't, thanks to the strap keeping your eyes pointed straight toward the colossal blade that will eventually lead to your impending doom. The figure says nothing he simply walks up a set of stairs leading to a lever that, you assume will lead to a guillotine like end to your existence, but you couldn't be any more wrong. The blade begins to rock, back and forth, until it falls! You let out a sharp scream of pure terror. Then, suddenly, a mechanism catches it and the blade is merely centimeters away from your stomach. The rocking continues, back and forth, with each swing more terrifying than the last.This time just enough to slice through the just through your clothes and a very shallow incision through your skin. You scream a terrible bloodcurdling scream. The blade continues to swing, back and forth, with the expected fall, then and eventually, your demise. This is more or less the exact scenario of Edgar Allan Poe's “The Pit and the Pendulum,” but is also a scene from James McTeigue's 2012 film, The Raven. The movie is a detective horror film that describes an alternate way Edgar Allan Poe spent the last five days of his life, saying he chased after a serial killer that recreated his stories. Many people in America go to horror movies and, as told in a study by Andrede and Cohen, the people that approach-as apposed to avoid-these movies actually get a positive affect from watching these movies. In Paul Huggin's article, he shows that, yes, we do watch horror movies just for the adrenaline rush that is to follow. All American horror films will contain: The protagonist (the hero, generally someone...
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