The Pursuit of Happyness

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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In Pursuit of Happyness

With a terrific central performance by Will Smith, this is a well-made, sharply written and ultimately uplifting drama. “In Pursuit of Happyness” is about setting goals and achieving them. It is not about happiness, it is about money. The movie celebrates people who toil for better life by building the perfect career. Chris Gardner is convincing as a man who may have been stripped by his dignity but who still believes in himself. His strong human relationships skills lead him to achieving his goal and starting his career as a broker.

“In Pursuit of Hapyness” shows very detailed what the companies are looking for in real life world - individuals with critical thinking, decision making and leadership skills, people who can think outside the box. The fact that Chris Gardner ranged the Rubik’s cube in a timely manner impressed the recruiter. It showed him that he is motivated, reacts fast and solves the problem for a matter of time. It takes a lot of dignity and courage to chase somebody, just to be given the opportunity to be seen and interviewed for the job. His honest behavior plays a key role in the selection process. He never lied or tried to get away with anything. He could of think of a perfect story for his appearance when he was being interviewed, but he did not. Chris Gardner made a terrific first impression, which formed the human resource people’s opinion about his personality, skills and qualifications.

I was surprised that the movie did not touch the problem for the race discrimination. Chris Gardner is being knocked down repeatedly; he struggles to prove himself and the world of white people that he will achieve the American Dream. The only really obstacle would be the lack of education that he is facing. Other than that, his color skin seems to be unnoticeable. He did not stop trying and knocking on doors and work hard toward his unpaid internship.

In many ways this movie is perfect for our economic moment a...
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