The Public Liar

Topics: Racism, Discrimination, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Wilson Wu
Ms. Lyons
English 90
12 July 2012
The Public Liar
A stereotype is a belief, which is held by some people with their specific ideas and personal opinions. Unconsciously, Stereotypes in the public readings such as magazines and TV shows may easily form people’s thought no matter it is positive or negative. People is a weekly American magazine which includes celebrity, interesting stories of them and all kinds of stereotypes as well. Glutted with recent the trends of celebrity, the publication shows current fashion with the way stars dress up, as well as their gossip which is fascinating for fans. Seemingly, the magazine provides a platform for public to know about the current news about celebrity, but the discrimination at fat and racial can be seen from pages to pages, which might have a serious impact on mental health on the readers who have the same situation. Discrimination against gays also creates a new stereotype since people are becoming more open minded. Not only will it diminish the reputation of party involved, readers who are homosexual may lose their self-confidence at the same time. Since stereotypes are subtle and instill wrong concepts into people’s minds, it puts readers off their minds. The magazine misleads the public to think that to be fat and gay is unacceptable when it looks down upon any other races, which causes inferiority complex. Magazine never gives large people a chance to live breezily. Obesity is bad—that is how the writers describe the stereotype. Tons of pages, in the magazine People, post pictures which include skinny models, good-shaped celebrities and stereotypes to large. To be large is always considered as a joke like how Gut Wrencher is concerned. There is a picture with Joe Manganiello’s belly which says, “Joe Manganiello trades his six-pack abs for a beer-belly to promote an appearance on E’s The Soup, in which the Magic Mike star donned a prosthetic gut” (Micheli 20). On the face of it, the news tells...
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