The Pros and Cons of Staying Alone

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Home Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: January 12, 2013

What are the best and worst things about living away from home? Living far away from home, even for a short period, can be fascinating, exciting and unforgettable, but at the same time it has vary effects on our life especially international students. One of the positive effects is teaching us the precious lesson of grow up as a person. Whenever you step out of your home and approach to a new country, that means you have to say good bye the comfortable life and get into a life full of duties. You have to learn how to do things by yourselves, start worrying about every phase of our life, from vast parts to smaller tasks such as balancing my checkbook for not to be in the red. I have never done this in my country before. While I stay with my family, I don’t even think about my balance because I am youngest in my family, so everyone tries to take care of me very well. They think, I’m still young for response payments by myself. I’m kind of not being aware to spend money. I mean, I just buy whatever I think it is so important things to me without considering the price carefully. But it doesn’t work at here. Everything costs an arm and a leg. The price is totally different from my country. In fact, it charge me double price. Moreover, your independence behavior will grow inside of you. You have to organize your life and be responsible to your housework; cleaning the room, doing your washing up, or cooking your own meal. Being self-discipline and responsible will help you go through independence life and achieve it. For instance, at here (USA.), I can do whatever I want. No one will complain me as I stay at home. This is good for your privacy. You are able to wake up whenever you want to and come home at late night. No one will report you to your parents. Besides, you can decide every


situations base on your thinking without arguing with your parents. However, the freedom can ruin the rest of your life if you can’t control yourselves. It teaches you to...
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