Moving Away from Home Can Be Astessful Experience for Young People

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  • Published : January 1, 2012
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Moving away from home can be a stressful experience for young people

Nowadays, many young people don’t want to live with their parents because they think if they live along, they can do whatever they want. But maybe few months later, they will find some problems that they never know how to do before because their parents always do everything for them when they are at home. At that time, they will feel stressful. However, I think it’s a good way to teach them how to live by themselves, especially for teenagers. They can’t be dependent on their parents all of their life so they have to learn many things and do many things by themselves. Moving away from home not only can be a stressful experience for young people but can also be a good way to let them learn how to become independent. The other reason that young people will feel stressful when they move away from home is they don’t know many people in the new place or even they don’t know anyone there. When they have something they can’t solve, they don’t know they can ask who or who can help them. They will feel so lonely and upset in the beginning, especially for someone who has nothing is smooth. In conclusion, moving away from home is a stressful experience for young people but also it is a helpful experience to them because they can learn many things by this kind of experience.
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