The Pros and Cons of Abortion

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Curesa ArnoldArnold 1
Mr. Conrad
College Composition
9 November 2012
Abortion is Murder

Abortion continues to be a controversy between pro and con supporters. There are so many different opinions on why people are for and against abortion. I believe that a child is a blessing, and abortion stops a potential future president, an artist, or maybe even someone who can find a possible cure for cancer. What ever it is, we may never know, due to the fact abortion takes a life. My religious views, my personal views, and evidence are the reason I chose to be pro-life.

To all abortions; there is a cause. As said in the article why women choose Abortion, 74% felt having a baby would dramatically change their life, 32% were “not ready for another child and 1% said they were “a victim of rape” (Lowen). Lacking a strong support system, being unprepared or being victims of rape are all reasons, why women and teens choose to carryout the abortion. Rape is foul. According to the article “Experts: Rape does not lower odds of pregnancy”, the odds of a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant are the same after rape as they are after consensual sex, according to medical experts (Dellorto) . Rape is something that no girl wishes upon themselves. If a women or a teen becomes pregnant from this obscene act, their only thought could be that they do not want to have a child by their attacker, and abortion is something that can easily take away a possible struggle they may endure in their life.

Arnold 2

Abortion is not always safe; it comes with several complications. You are more at risk for possible infections and diseases. National statistics on abortion show that 10% of women who undergo this suffer from immediate complications (Cunningham). Many times when having an abortion, women and teens do not realize the possibility of ruining their chance of becoming a parent. I think having an abortion is selfish, in the bible genesis chapter 1 verse 28 it says “be...
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