“the Progressive Era Through the Great Depression”

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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“The Progressive Era through the Great Depression” |
History 105 Professor |

In this essay, I will review the major turning points in our nation’s history during the period of “The Progressive Era through the Great Depression”. I will talk about how women in the West earned the right to vote in the frontier states before the eastern and southern states. We will analyze the impact of two major historical turning points on America’s society, economy, politics, and culture. Next we will look at the legislation in the Roosevelt–Taft–Wilson progressive era years, and show how that has influenced the business of today since the time of its inception. We will review how the Spanish American war laid the foundation for which America would develop its empire. Lastly, we will discuss some ways the Boom and Bust of the Roaring Twenties followed by The Great Depression affected the federal government’s involvement with the national economy. |

During the reformist movement, urbanization brought people to the cities for work opposed to the traditional farming communities or villages’ people lived and worked in prior to the Progressive Era. With this change occurring in society, there came much needed changes in the way we came together as a community to provide the necessities, which would allow our new families, and communities to prosper. With America’s expansion to the west under the Homestead Act, “any man or woman twenty-one years old or the head of a family” could have 160 acres of undeveloped land granted to them by the government with the stipulation to owning it being they had to develop it and maintain a residence on it for five years. This legislation sparked the expansion west and in effect created a legal right for women to own property at the same time. This doctrine was ahead of its time when compared to the lack of women’s rights in the east. It was at that point it appeared the west was already...
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