Historical Turning Points Through the Period of the Progressive Era and the Great Depression

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  • Published: June 2, 2013
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Historical Turning Points Through the Period of the Progressive Era and the Great Depression

Turning Points of the Progressive Era and the Great Depression.
There were many turning points during the Progressive Era and the Great Depression. The two major turning points that stood out to me were the Women’s Right Movement and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Women played a played a major role in reforming the nation. Late in the nineteenth century women were well educated college graduates and worked outside of the home. Women no longer followed the traditional social norms. Militant political action started in Britain in 1903 with the formation of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) for the right to vote. Women of all ages and classes demonstrated for the right to vote. They were jailed; locked out of their meeting places; and thrown down the steps of Parliament. After coming to a truce women in Britain were granted the right to vote in 1918. In the United States women participated in reform organizations as a way to perform public services and have a job. The first reform organization that women participated in was the fight for black civil rights. Between 1890 and 1913 two groups were founded to highlight women’s suffrage and to push for reforms including allowing women to vote.   With the determination of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and the National Women’s Party (MWP) women, Susan B. Anthony wrote and submitted a proposed right-to-vote amendment to the Constitution. Women achieved the right to vote in 1920 when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed. The second major turning point was the Stock Market Crash of 1929 known as “Black Tuesday.” There were a series of events that caused the Great Depression, but the Stock Market Crash was one that really caught my attention. Before the Stock Market Crash everyone was looking to get rich quick. They never imagined that the economy would slow down and the stock market would collapse. Collapsing the economy pushed the United States in to the deepest economic decline in its history. Between 1929 and 1933 over 9,000 banks closed and business investments were down to half.   The gross national product (GNP) dropped down nearly to half as well. Unemployment rates went from “3.2 percent to nearly 25 percent in 1933, some stated were higher than the national average. Impact of Major Turning Points on Today’s Economy and Politics. Two major historical turning points that affected today’s economy and politics are the Women’s Rights Movement and the programs created in the New Deal. The impact of women’s suffrage has played a large part on America’s society; economy; politics; and culture. Women being able to vote opened doors for many opportunities. Women no longer stayed at home, they were part of the working force. They fought for equality not just for women, but for everyone. The programs created in the New Deal continued to influence politics; society; and culture. The New deal change a lot of people’s political opinions a large majority of African Americans who showed gratitude for the New Deal relief left the Republican Party and joined the Democrat Party. Why Women Earned the Right to Vote.

Women in the West earned the right to vote before the East and South, because some of the men in the West had ulterior motives. Some men recognized the important role women played in frontier settlement, others voted for women's suffrage only to boost the strength in numbers for voting and national publicity. In 1869 the western territory had more men than women and hoped that more women would settle in the west if they were given the right to vote. It was William Bright’s wife who convinced him that denying women the vote was a gross injustice and Edward M. Lee, who argued that it was unfair for his mother to be denied a privilege granted to African-American males. Territorial Governor John A. Campbell appreciated the publicity and...
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