The Problems and Solutions of Running Out of Fossil Fuels

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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The problems and solutions of running out of fossil fuels

With the process of industrialization, fossil fuels have played an increasingly important role in every aspect of human live. The use of fossil fuel has shown an explosive growth in the last few decades. The term of fossil fuel refers to “coal, oil, and natural gas - fuels that were formed millions of years ago from the fossilized remains of plants or animals” (Robert, 2012, p.10). Fossil fuels supply much of the energy used by industry and nearly all used in road transport. Nevertheless, according to some experts, such as geologist Colin Campbell, estimates that soon there will be no more oil. The world fuel supply, he claims, “will peak by 2010 and be down to half that level by 2025-30” (Campbell, 2006, p.24). The world is facing the crisis of running out of fossil fuels, and this situation will cause negative effects on environmental and economic problems. The processes of burning amount of fossil fuels contribute to many environment problems. The increasing consume of fossil fuels cause enormous pollution to air. The earth has already suffered from the consequence of burning fossil fuels, like the global warming, the acid rain, the holes in the ozone layer, the disappearance of the Arctic ice cap. The earth cannot afford any more damages. The depleting of fossil fuels also influences the economic system. The progress of industry depends on the using of fossil fuels, for instance, the electric power plants, air lines, shipping steels (Morris, 2006). If the fossil fuels run out, the energy economy of the industrial world cannot continue to work. Furthermore, the price of oil is increasing speedily. It is a result of the shortage of oil and the continuing of this situation will finally devastate the international economic system. If we continue our highly inefficient, dangerous energy usage, we’re headed for both environmental and economic catastrophe. However, it is not too late to solve this problem....
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