The Problem of Young Generations

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-I would like to live in a house by the sea where I can see the sun rise and set every day.

This is how I will want my house to be like. After passing the front gate, there will be a lovely rose garden. Then, the big white house comes into view. When I walk through the door, a white sitting room with a pink sofa set will greet me. Paintings of beautiful flowers hanging on the walls will make the room look comfortable and fresh..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The three bedrooms will be on the second level. One is for my parents, one for my brother and one for me. I will like my room to be painted pink. Above my bed, I will hang a big picture of ballerina dressed in white. The grey carpet on the floor will be strewn with many cushions for me to lie on and enjoy a novel. I will do my homework at my study table by the window though which I can see the stars at night.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On the highest level there will be an open space which overlooks the sea. It will be used for barbecues in the evening..---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No matter how fine this house may seem, it is just a dream. What is reality for me is a three-room flat in Tiong Bahru.

My favorite TV programs-----------------------------------------------------------

As a senior high school student, I am very busy with my studies. Although I am very fond of watching television, I can only spend an hour after dinner on my hobby. Of all the TV programs, I like the news and documentaries best..-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The news programs shown on all TV channels at 7:00 p.m. help me to know almost everything about different places in our country and important events happening all over the world....
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