The Problem of Unemployment and Possible Solutions

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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Nowadays unemployment is one of the biggest problems among all countries in the world. It is caused by many reasons and it is more complex than it may seem. People are mostly dissatisfied with their salaries. They feel they get not enough money for their work. As a result, they prefer to take unemployment benefits than take up any job. Another problem connected with unemployment is lack of workplaces. It happens when there are a lot of people interested for particular post. It demotivates and discourages people, especially younger ones whose have no perspective and little chance to find job they are interested in. Unemployment is rising because people are simply lazy. They do not feel like doing anything. As a result, there is a deep economic recession. One way to solve this problem would be to increase salaries. Government should find extra money to improve everyone’s standard of living. Rises have always been met with approval and encouraged people for harder work. So that they could prove their value and show that they deserved to be better paid. Another useful suggestion for reducing unemployment would be to create more job positions and working places. At present it is hard to set up a business or establish own company. Creating workplaces would give a chance for those who are unemployed. It would be real chance to lower unemployment rate. There is a risk with financial consequences that such a company may collapse. However, without a risk we will not have chance to succeed. An alternative solution to overcome the problem of unemployment and laziness is to promote value of labour. Politicians should show all benefits and perspective of any work. In their campaigns they should display the negative effects of inaction and wasting one’s time. People should know that work broaden our horizons and allow us to feel more important and responsible for our duties. As people watch television a lot, such commercials would at least give them chance to consider...
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