You Are the Newly Appointed President of the Local Chamber of Commerce. You Are Making Your First Presentation to the Chamber and Want to Make a Good First Impression.

Topics: Unemployment, Recession, Inflation Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Due to current economic conditions, DeKalb County’s unemployment rate has been over the national average for 13 months. Majority of our revenue comes from working county residents who pay their county taxes and shop at local stores. With the increase in the unemployment rate, our county’s income has decreased. In order to solve the financial difficulties our county faces today, we must find aggressive ways to bring in new businesses to our county.

Definition of Unemployed In order to understand how to solve a problem, you must actually identify how and why a problem exists. Unemployment data is calculated by counting the number of people that does not have a job but is actively looking for work in the past 4 weeks. Workers who have been laid off but are expecting to be called back to work by their employer are also counted. Those that are not counted are the ones that are NOT actively looking for a job. These citizens may have simply lost hope and decided to give up. In theory, our unemployment rate may be even higher due to the citizens that do not qualify as being counted as unemployed. DeKalb County, Georgia Unemployed Rate

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics our current unemployment rate is 9.9%. The national average is listed at 9.5%. If you look at the unemployment rate from the start of this year, you can see that DeKalb County unemployment rate outpaces the national average every month. What is the reason for this trend? •Business closures

Business and County layoffs
Historical trends
Historically, unemployment rates actually peaks after a recession. Looking at the unemployment data from the recessions in 1973 and 1981, the unemployment rate peaked and then started its decline months after the recession. Economists believe it will take up to 19 months after the current recession to see a decline in the...
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