The Problem of Human Existence

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  • Published : May 18, 2012
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The Problem of Human Existence
We live and then we die. The death part is scary and the living part is quite amazing. The death and after-death part is a great mystery surrounding our existence. One minute we are here, another we are gone. What is existence? What is the purpose of existence? This is one big question for us. We are trying to find answers to these questions for ever. In this vast universe nobody has satisfactory answers to these questions. Everyone would like to have meaning in their life, even those who are skeptical about the existence meaning. We all would be more comfortable if we knew of some value of our existence. One school of thought believes that our existence is a divine destiny, a creation of God. When presented with scientific evidences in support of evolutionary mechanism, the creationists say that it's a trick to test their faith. They believe and argue that, there is so much about the natural world that seems to have significance, intention and purpose as the revolution and rotation of the earth, the receiving of sunshine so that we can have energy to live and reproduce; and the life itself full senses and emotions. And there is second belief system which still believes in creationism but under some purposive energy rather than God. And there is third group who have disregarded religious proclamations and embraced science as the ultimate authority. According to The Theory of Evolution, there is a possibility that life has no inherent meaning other than as a value in service of survival. But the problem in this concept is, science is not providing satisfactory answers to the theists who can’t believe that we are out there in space floating around aimlessly. Science has reasonable answers to ‘How’ but not to the ‘Why’. Though religions seem to have answers to the why questions but again it doesn’t satisfy everybody. The feeling of meaningfulness seems to be a feature of the brain in order to better sense the environmental elements...
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