The Problem and Review of Related Literature and Study: Students Engaging in Gangs

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Chapter 1
The problem and Review of Related Literature and Study

Nowadays, most youth belong to gangs. Gang members treat each other like a family and plan their funerals in advanced. In a group there is always a common identifying signs, colors and symbols. Gangs have no good purpose. They are groups of violent youths who terrorize other members. Girls are attracted join a gang because of the respect they think they will acquire once people who they are going with. They also initiated in the same manner as the boys. A street gang is a three or more people; they share a unique or have identifiable nark symbols, (such a tattoos, wearing kind of certain styles of clothing, colors, graffiti, etc.,) Sometimes they claim a specific location or territory; they have an identifiable organization or hierarchy.

Youth engage to this group because on their socio-economic background. In general terms they join for a sense of power, excitement, self-esteem and they believe the gang allows them to achieve a level of status that was impossible to attain outside of the gangs.

Other reason why they involve in this set of people is they want to have power, friendship, brotherhood, security from gang violence. Feeling of belonging and being cared about and media glorification of a gang lifestyle. The important of the study is to provide information to the youth, to give an idea about what gang is, to know its advantages and disadvantages and to know the factors that affect students engaging gang. Review on Related Literature

Gangs are not a new problem, and they are not likely to disappear anytime soon. Drug use creates addicts who are not productive members of society. Drug dealers support the habits, and make a living in a highly illegal manner. When people feel a deep sense of belonging to gangs and not to a family, values and morals tent to decline. Lastly increased crime due to gang violence and other gang activity hurts everyone involved, including innocent bystanders. Their effects on society are long lasting and have negative impacts in communities across the country.

A gang is a group of people which shares an identity and a common purpose. On a lesser level, schoolyard gangs have what some people consider to be gang members in training, people who gravitate towards the gang lifestyle at an early age. People who want to see a reduction in gang violence and gang culture often try to keep an eye on the development of schoolyard gangs, and provide alternatives to young men and women who may feel bored, restless, or frustrated in the school environment to prevent them from joining street gangs as they mature. Members of street gangs may choose to identify themselves with nicknames, tattoos, specific slang, distinctive graffiti tags, or specific styles of dress.

The police’s definition of a gang is a group of individuals, juvenile and or adult, who associate on a continuous basis, form of allegiance for a common purpose and are involved in delinquent or criminal activity. This definition is simple and functional. The gang may range from a loose knit group of individuals with a leader or ruling council, gang colors, gang identifiers and a gang name.

And also, they have often establish distinctive, characteristic identifiers including graffiti tags colors, hand-signals, clothing, jewelry, hair styles, fingernails, slogans, signs such as the swastika, the noose, the cross, five-pointed and six-pointed stars, crowns and tridents, flags for example the Confederate flag, secret greetings, slurs, or code words and other group-specific symbols associated with the gang's common beliefs, rituals, and mythologies to define and differentiate themselves from rival groups and gangs. As an alternative language, hand-signals, symbols, and slurs in speech, graffiti, print, music, or other mediums communicate specific informational cues used to threaten, disparage,...
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