The Price We Pay: A Personal Experience of the Tragedies That Occurred on September 11

Topics: Sociology, Essay, Need Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Caring Voice
In Adam Mayblum’s essay “The Price We Pay” allows the reader to get a personal experience of the tragedies that occurred on September 11th. Mayblum was on the eighty-seventh floor when the attack of the World Trade Center occurred of the north tower. As soon as the attack happened Mayblum took action to help others in the office. From Mayblum’s essay I feel connected with him because he was caring person and therefore my voice is shared.

While reading Mayblum’s essay, one feels that his essay is a product of one’s future due to majoring in social work. Social work is to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people. Just as Mayblum went and saved the lives of his friends while the attack happened, I would love to save the lives of children who are in harm of their families and even home.

Throughout “The Price We Pay” Mayblum gave many examples as to how he helped his friends through the attack. “Took off my T-Shirt and ripped it into three pieces. Soaked it in water. Gave two pieces to my friends. Tied my piece around my face to act as an air filter” (page165). Here Mayblum did a smart thing so he can move faster from the dust and debris. When Mayblum did this he helped not only himself but also his friends, which was being heroic and caring for another person. Since I want to be a social worker for children, I feel you will be considered a hero because you’re saving the lives of endangered children who need to be protected. “On the eighty-fifth floor a brave associate of mine and I headed back up to our office to drag out my partner who stayed behind. There was no air, just white smoke” (page 165). Mayblum was very cautious by going back up to save is friends. I felt throughout the essay Mayblum wasn’t selfish for helping other people. Also it was good to read that there are still people that has a heart and able to care for other people and not just themselves. This is a social problem on many people because now days there are many...
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