The Presentation of Yahweh in the Book of Isaiah

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In this essay the presentation of Yahweh in the book of Isaiah will be discussed. There are several descriptions and images of Yahweh, the God of the Jews, in the book of Isaiah. The essay will look at what images and descriptions are given for Yahweh, and how these images are used to present Yahweh. The Yahweh that is presented in the first part of Isaiah is differently presented than in the second part of Isaiah. This essay will describe certain images and place them in the context of the presentation of Yahweh. It will give a broader understanding of Yahweh through investigating the images used to present Yahweh.

The book of Isaiah is full of images of God, or in the word of the Jews, Yahweh. In this essay there will be looked at how certain images are used to give a presentation of Yahweh and what they mean. The essay will be divided into three major parts. Firstly there will be looked at “First Isaiah” this is considered to be chapters 1-39. Secondly, we will look at the second part of Isaiah known as “Deutero-Isaiah”. And for the ease of this discussion of presentation, we will consider the remaining chapters of Isaiah, 40-66 as Deutero-Isaiah. Then finish on a conclusion of the discussion.

In the discussion of First Isaiah there will be some emphasis on some key chapters, and we will be looking at how these chapters use certain images or give descriptions that help to understand the presentation of Yahweh. It starts with a bit of background and context of First Isaiah and then goes on to describe some images presented in chapter 5 and 6. We will be looking at how these images are used and what the reason for using these images is. As well as there purpose in Isaiah.

There are many images and descriptions that present Yahweh in Deutero-Isaiah. It contains images of Yahweh as Warrior, King, husband, midwife and more. We will identify many of these images and they will all be discussed. Deutero-Isaiah has many images that present Yahweh different than in First Isaiah. It is however the same God. It is important to place these images in their context of exile. Where as the image in First Isaiah are preexilic. Now one can start looking at the presentation of Yahweh in First Isaiah.

Presentation of Yahweh in First Isaiah
First Isaiah is the first part of the book of Isaiah. There is a lively discussion about the authorship of the book of Isaiah. However many scholars believe that the first book was written by the prophet Isaiah himself. The first part of Isaiah is referred to as “First Isaiah” and is generally considered to be from chapter 1 to 39. First Isaiah covers several topics, however judgement can be seen as the major theme. Yahweh's judgement against the people of Judah who are living in rebellion and disobedience to their God. The time of Isaiah is a turbulent era because of all the political situations around. And the threat of an invasion from one the larger surrounding empires was always present. There was the Assyrian empire in the north, Egyptian in the south and the Babylonian empire was growing rapidly as well. Another significant event that can be established is the call of the prophet, it is a dramatic call for the prophet. This call is a call to tell the people of Judah about the coming judgement. An inevitable judgement, and this is how First Isaiah ends. It ends with the exile of the Jews to Babylon. Now lets look at how Yahweh is presented in First Isaiah.

Description and images used in First Isaiah
In Isaiah 5, one will find the song of the vineyard, “God is described as lovingly tending a vineyard”.1 It's shows how Yahweh takes care of His vineyard. The Vineyard resembles the Jews. It shows how Yahweh has planted this vineyard, its placed on a fertile hill and He equipped it with the best tools and facilities. However it is not producing a good crop. And the owner of the vineyard decides to cut down this vineyard because it is not producing. Yahweh...
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