Outline on Pontius Pilate

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Study One Outline

Over the next three weeks we will look into a few aspects of Pilate’s life. This week we will be looking at the area under Pilates command, and what Role pilate played in the government in Judea. Then over the next couple of weeks we will look into the life of Pilate, and then the important role he played into the death of Jesus, and how it played into the Passover.

Introduction to Pontius Pilate

5th Governor

Roman – Appointed by Rome and was not Jewish

Valerius- Pilate succeeded him in his reign.

Not much in the bible about him, so one must look at historical sources

Josephus. A Jewish historian

Other historians at the time.

Thesis: The study we are about to embark on will attempt to provide information necessary to understand Pilate and what he was faced with in the sentencing of Christ to death.


Romans had little sympathy for the Jews

most-accursed, people born to be slaves.

3rd class providence.

Not important.





Had 3 legions of Roman soldiers

Judea was very small

160 km long

70 km wide



center of religious life

Role as Governor

Served 11 years

Was in charge of military


While we cannot make a biography about Pilate, we can study the area where he reigned, and some of the decisions that he made. Next week we get to look into Pilate as a person. Was he a real person? After that is established we will try to understand who he was.


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Study Two Outline

Last week we gave a small introduction into the life of the Roman Governor Pontus Pilate. This week we get to really dive into who he was as a person.

Pilate was a real person

Often when looking at Christianity as a religion, people want proof was this person real? Did this really happen?

Block of Lime Stone



Bronze coins

29/30 30/31 and 31/32 CE

Though there are small amounts of Archeological evidence to show Pilate was a real person, there is a lack of Historical documentation

There is nothing known about his birth or early life

There is also very little known about his career before Judea, although we can make a few assumptions based on his command

Pilate would have been a Roman Citizen

He would have had Military experience


Through the Bible

What is known

The Bible

All four Gospels have an account of the Crucifixion

The Early Church

Nicene Creed

Apollo’s Creed

Crucified under Pilate


Wrote about the crucifixion, but nothing added to the account that we don’t already know.

However Josephus gives us insight to Pilate’s relationship with the Jews

he sent forth a cohort from the military to establish themselves in Jerusalem

Signs and images didn’t sit well with the people in Jerusalem

there were protests for five days, and on the sixth day Pilate ordered the execution of protestors

Pilate decided he would construct a water supply, hoping to satisfy the Jews

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