The Political Impact of 9/11

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, Racism Pages: 8 (3404 words) Published: February 27, 2008
"The Political Impact of 9/11: The Post War Notion of Race Change" After September 11, 2001, the world as its citizens knew it would never be the same, especially the United States. The September 11, 2001 attacks (often referred to as 9/11) consisted of a series of coordinated suicide attacks on the United States of America allegedly by al-Qaeda, which is an international alliance of Islamic militant terrorist organization founded in nineteen eighty-eight. On that morning, nineteen terrorists believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners, each team equipped with an United States trained al-Qaeda pilot. The hijackers crashed two of the airliners into the World Trade Center in New York City, resulting in the collapse of both buildings and extensive damage to nearby buildings. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. In addition to the nineteen hijackers, two thousand nine hundred and seventy four people died as an immediate result of the attacks. American culture as it was understood to be, prior to these events, would never be the same. What I mean by that is, if you just look at the television now and year before 9/11, I argue you will not find many similarities. Every other day there is an update on the war on terror, several years ago around this time you would find the television cluttered with presidential campaign ads and pre-party platforms. The interpretation and presentation of the political impact of 9/11 would be forever ingrained in our society, always to be the underlying reason for openly discriminating and calling it a transformation of a society. Following 9/11 the racial categorizing and the simple notion of race as an identity and class statue in America would be forever questioned by its constituents; a person's immediate national origin distinction would become as important and identifiable as a person's blood type. By no means am I arguing that readily identifying a person by their skin pigmentation is as accurate as a blood test; but I am articulating that, what your blood actually is would no longer matter; only what you looked like would. The definition of who and what an American is would definitely be made clear after 9/11; the preconceived notions of race that are institutionalized in American culture would become more eminent and accepted post 9/11. For the purposes of clarity and through comprehension let me further explain the concept of race in the context of this paper. When I say race, by no means am I referring to the actual national origin of a person that may be used to identify or categorize them for the purposes of things like the census. When I say race I am referring to the automatic and specific distinction of skin pigmentation in a person used to immediately identify them with a national origin whether it be accurate or not, the politically associated and assumed culture references that are attached to that skin pigmentation; that are eventually used to afford or deny them a society. After conceptualizing race it is necessary to circumscribe racism, being that it goes hand in hand with the concept of race. Racism is the lack of veneration of a person or people based on their skin color, ethnic background, and national origin, religious or political affiliation. The concept, of dividing people into groups or populations on the basis of fixed ideas of characteristics and beliefs about a common ancestry; most commonly visual traits. With the idea that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race, and separating these races into inferior and superior with an emphasis on people with the power to influence and infringe upon others their beliefs, but not limited to them alone. The attack on 9/11 has been said to be grounds for many alleged necessary changes in U.S. including but not limited to things like policy, foreign affairs, and homeland security. But I argue that the...
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