The Political History of Turkey

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Ethan Sternke
Erica Sahm
English 10
March 5, 2013
The Political History of Turkey
“Turkey Facts.” National Geographic. National Geographic Society, 19 March 2013. Web. 20 March 2013.
Although there were very many authors of this article, it is one of the most reliable articles on the internet for the basic facts of Turkey. Turkey is a considerably large country located on the far western side of Asia. It touches both Europe and Asia, and tries to be a bridge between the West and the East. It has a very interesting political history, from total Mongol rule to wars for independence. This site is valuable because of the big box of facts. I have not seen that anywhere else. “Politics of Turkey.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 20 March 2013. Web. 20 March 2013. As the politics of Turkey constantly change in small ways, Wikipedia fits the job perfectly. Turkey’s current government system is a Republican Parliamentary Democracy. This is greatly similar to the current United States government, but with a few small changes to the rulebook. Instead of the people directly electing the executive of the country (like the United States), the people elect certain representatives to make all the decisions. Those elected representatives then elect the executive of the country themselves (usually the Prime Minister). Since Turkey has a Democracy, there are no current struggles from citizens with different genders, ethnicities, religions, traditions, rituals, or anything for that matter. However, over 99% of Turkey’s population is registered as Muslim, so I could imagine how much of a black sheep somebody would feel like if they weren’t Muslim. The next most popular are Christians, then Jews. “Turkey -> History.” Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet, December 2006. Web. 19 March 2013. This is simply a common...
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