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Topics: Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, Turkey Pages: 4 (929 words) Published: March 25, 2013

Country: Turkey
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1. Significant Contributions:
Name: Allie Burman
Answer: Historical Turkey created a strong influence in the Islamic beliefs early on in its establishment. In addition to creating a religious backbone, the Turks had a very strong army that conquered many rivaling nations before, during, and after the time frame around that of the European Crusades. Lastly, the Turks were the only people who built the Ottoman empire, and influenced the long lasting rule that it had over the course on hundreds and thousands of years.

2. Significant People:
Name: Laurah Baker
Answer: One famous person from Turkey would be St. Nicholas, he lived in Myra, Lycia. He was born a greek. He had always been religious from the time he was born. His wealthy parents died when he was a young boy. He then was raised by his uncle from that point on.

3. Significant Events:
Name:Amany Amin
Answer: Some of the significant Events that Turkey has would be Seker Bayrami (Festival of Sugar) and Kurban Bayrami. (Eid el Adha). There are also celebrations some of the celebrations would be the willingness of (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son (Ishmael). It occurs just after the annual pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Those who can afford it will sacrifice an animal on this day.There is also a three day festival for the Eid el Adha.

4. Significant Structures:
Name: James Dunkirk
Answer: Turkey has several sacred sites and places of great importance to the country itself. One very well known and important site from christianity is the Hagia Sofia Church that was built by Justinian in the sixth century. It held dedication to Divine Wisdom and was claimed to be an attribute of Christ. Another site of importance that is deemed sacred, but in a frightening way, is the Pergamum. That site is said to be one of the Seven Churches of Revelations and a center for the Romans....
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